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AVID Soccer provides objective reviews of soccer kit, boots, goal keeper equipment, training and coaching tools, and other related materials.  If you are interested in providing feedback on a retailer or on a product that you have tested, please select the appropriate form below or email your comments to reviews@avidsoccer.com.  As a policy, AVID Soccer does not post reviews from a single reader, but we gather information and compare it against our own tests.

As an overview, all products are rated from 1-10 (10 being best) using the scale below:

  • 1-3 indicates an exceptionally poor product
  • 3-5 indicates that the product has a significant flaw or multiple minor flaws
  • 5-7 indicates a product of acceptable quality
  • 7-9 indicates an above average to very good product, both in quality and design
  • 10   represents a perfect score indicating that the product could not be improved in the evaluation category

AVID Soccer reviews products from many categories.  The most common classes of products have been targeted for review using an objective system.  Please see the evaluation forms below for the specific category.  You can download the file by right clicking and selecting "Save Target As" or by opening the page and saving the page.  Email the completed for to reviews@avidsoccer.com.

Apparel/Uniforms/Kit (Word or PDF)

Boots (Word or PDF)

Training/Coaching Resources (Word or PDF)

Balls (Word or PDF)

Retailers/Distributors (Word or PDF)


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