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Product Reviews

An overview of the the AVID Soccer Equipment Review and how to use the tools is available here.

The ASER Editorial Calendar can be found here.

Submit Products for Review

General Information:

AVID Soccer solicits products for testing year round.  Each unique product submitted receives an individual test regimen and review article.  If a product needs to be returned, it must be accompanied by adequate packaging and pre-paid shipping (FedEx or USPS preferred).  Please note that testing under real world conditions may result in damage.  AVID Soccer is not responsible for damage resulting from testing or shipping.

We recommend manufacturers provide at least two examples of a product to ensure that a defect in one does not skew the results of the test.  We encourage you to provide care instructions, a standard marketing package, manufacturing/materials and other relevant information.  Reviews may take 3-4 weeks to complete and up to 14 days to appear on the site.  Lifestyle products typically require much less testing and may appear more quickly.

In addition to our standard testing, AVID Soccer sponsors several Shoot-Out comparisons and our annual AVID Soccer Awards.  Shoot-outs are head to head comparisons of competitive products. Criteria for the shoot-out will be slightly different than that used in general reviews. All products tested during a shoot-out will receive a standard review as well as inclusion in the shoot-out article.  Products nominated for annual awards must be reviewed by AVID Soccer for consideration.

Manufacturers or Retailers wishing to submit products for review should contact our review editor in advance.  Products can be shipped to:

AVID Soccer
40122 Watford Way
Palmdale, CA 93551

AVID Soccer acquires products for review through three methods:


 Submissions by manufacturers:

  • Manufactures are encouraged to provide products for review
  • Submitted products are typically tested within three week and reviews are posted one to two weeks later
  • Reviews can be held or accelerated to coordinate with product releases or marketing campaigns
  • Submitted products are eligible for the annual AVID Soccer Awards
  • Testing under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is available for pre-release products
  • Manufacturers wishing to provide product should contact our test lead directly
  • While we can accommodate a range of sizes for general testing, the sizes specified for the shoot-outs are preferred.

 Benefits to manufacturers:

  • Comparison of products against competitors
  • Third-party reviews made available through links, publication or PDF
  • Pre-release reviews for publication on launch date
  • Objective feedback on new products
  • Advertising channel with no monetary commitment
  • Feedback channel allowing both manufacturer and customer to add comments
  • Participation in the annual AVID Soccer Awards

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 Products submitted by retailers

  • Retailers are encouraged to provide products for review
  • Reviews can be held or accelerated to coordinate with product releases or marketing campaigns
  • Retailers wishing to provide product should contact our test lead directly

 Benefits to retailers

  • Provide a value-added service to customers through links or republication of reviews
  • Use reviews of new products as a promotional tool
  • Ensure review content matches carried products
  • Coordinate discounts/sale of product bundles based on AVID Soccer articles (e.g. Coaching Equipment list)
  • Products provided at a discount to AVID Soccer may include the retailer as a "Retailer of the Year" nominee, but does not guarantee inclusion

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AVID Soccer Purchases

Purchased products +

  • AVID Soccer may test products purchased by readers, testers or AVID Soccer
  • Products may be purchased at reader request
  • Products may be purchased to evaluate their potential impact
  • Others are purchased for comparison to previously reviewed products
  • Occasionally, AVID Soccer may purchase products for “Shoot out” reviews

* NOTE on Sizes:

  • Boots - Men's 10 1/2 or 11
  • Apparel - Men's Large; Women's Medium
  • Balls - 4 or 5
  • GK Gloves - 9 or 10

+ NOTE on purchases:  AVID Soccer purchases equipment from a variety of sources, both on-line and traditional.  All retail experiences are noted by the AVID Soccer team and may be used for future reviews and for the "Retailer of the Year" nominees.  Multiple purchases will be made through nominees to ensure an objective and comprehensive measurement.


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