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Hydration Tips

Proper Hydration in Soccer Training and Games

The first rule in any endurance sport is hydration.  The body uses a great deal of fluid in active soccer training.  Players should pre-hydrate the night before a vigorous training session or a game.  Once activity starts, the body needs water for the first 20 minutes.  After that, a combination of water and sports drinks will return more to the body than water alone.

After a workout, more water is required.  The player should continue to drink water after a training session at least until their urine is clear.  Additionally, nutrition bars or drinks consumed within 90 minutes can help a player recover from a training session more quickly and more effectively.

In general, "energy drinks" are undesirable.  Anything that is largely sugar and caffeine, whether it be soda or an energy drink, is counter productive.  If a large energy drink is consumed before a soccer training session, it can result in nausea and/or headaches.  Consumed after a training session, they act as a diuretic and reduce hydration.  Rarely, if ever do they actually improve performance.

A special note on the Antelope Valley/Palmdale/Lancaster area:  Wind does more than blow away umbrellas and the ball.  Wind blows sweat and body heat away too.  Players need to drink much more during a windy training session.  The body sweats more in the wind  because it is less effective.  By contrast, cold windy days will still require more hydration.  The wind wicks away moisture requiring more water than on a calm day.

The most important thing is to drink early and often.  Don't wait until you are thirsty or it will be too late.

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