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Barnstorming Soccer Flag BallThere are a large number of travel organizers offering soccer related tours through Europe, Central and South America.  North American tours are often better planned by the team.

European tours are generally 10-15 days including flights.  Most tours are all inclusive (except food) and visit multiple countries.  Tours can be planned around other events such as a trip to UEFA Champions League game or local national team practice.  The  organizer will schedule games in each city the team travels through, making this the easiest and safest method.  European tours may be as little as $1,300/player or more than $10,000 depending on the number of travelers, number of days, accommodations, additional experiences and coach/chaperone subsidies.

Central and South American tours are generally country specific.  Travel organizers develop extensive contacts and expertise in a given country.  Therefore it may be better to decide where the team will travel before choosing a tour organizer.  If the tour is planned around an extraordinary events such as the Copa America or World Cup, much greater advanced planning will be required.

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