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Sponsorship Opportunities on Barnstorming Soccer

Barnstorming Soccer is a central repository for teams traveling on a barnstorming tour.  It is our goal to provide information on local hotels, restaurants, entertainment centers, shopping and local sites.

Teams wishing to participate will be grouped geographically.  Barnstorming Soccer features ads by Google.  A limited number of vendors will be permitted fixed ad space on local pages.  Ad amounts listed below are prepaid annual rates:

  • Text, image or flash ad rates
    • 100x100 pixel image or text ad on a local team page ($50)
    • 100x600 pixel banner ad on a local team page ($75)
    • 100x600 pixel solo banner - no other fixed ads on the page ($150)
  • Text only links
    • Sponsored link grouped with similar offerings ($10)
    • Sponsored link with description on a local team page ($30)
    • Text link above the Google ads on the local team page ($60)

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