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Announcing the 1st Annual AVID Soccer Gear Awards

01 September 2006

Based on reviews on the AVID Soccer blog and reader comments.  Each of the awards will be based on review results and reader feedback.  The AVID Soccer review will count for 60% of the total score.  Reader will make up the other 40%.  Products for review must be submitted no later than 31 October 2006 in order to give AVID Soccer time to review the product and readers a chance to respond.  Information of product submissions can be found on the AVID Soccer Equipment Review.  Nominations will close on 10 November 2006 and final announces will be made in December.  Stay tuned for more information.


◊ Best Boot – Based on fit, comfort, durability, aesthetics/desirability, price and availability

◊ Best Goalkeeper Glove – Based on comfort, durability, adhesion, aesthetics, price and availability

◊ Best Ball – Based on shape, feel/control, durability, aesthetics/desirability, price and availability

◊ Best Kit – Based on comfort, fit, available styles/colors, durability/wear characteristic, care requirements and price

◊ Most Innovative Product – Based on new products in 2006 that bring a different approach to Soccer; all categories and products are possible, but they must be reviewed by AVID Soccer

◊ Best Ad Campaign – Based on US TV and print advertising during the past year.  Nominees include: adidas +10; ESPN One Game Changes Everything; Nike Joga Bonito; Puma Seek the Evidence

◊ Best Retailer – Based on selection, price, speed of delivery and customer service

AVID Soccer reserves the right to limit products/services included in the final comparison.


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